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Posted on: Sun, September 28, 2014 by david thompson

Started early morning as we had far to go.

We set off at 07:00 so many bleary eyes on board.

Once roll call had been done we hit the road or more like tickled the road as the mini bus was restricted to 63 MPH.

This was going to be a long journey.

Just before Grantham(A1) we stopped for a comfort break at a service station (BEATS A BUSH!).and you can get coffee there.

We arrived at around 09:30 and parked in our reserved stop. Everyone departed the big white TARDIS and scratched there wings before hitting the rally.

Weather was fantastic but the temperature drop up north hit you but Jon (G7AZA) felt right at home.

Many of the big players in the main hall and outside also allot of second hand goods where up for grabs so all in all it catered for all.

I think the food was gold plated due to the price of it.

But the ice cream (rum and raisin for me was fantastic)

By dinner time the toilets had given up and the pit was full due to all the hairy a**es of hams and over priced food. All i am saying you needed a pair of wellys just to enter.

Mr Ken (lucky) M**t (G0HRR) won the main prize in the raffle. It took up all the floor space in the TARDIS.

Yaesu was giving away free base ball caps (good for them). Maybe there was another solar storm due.

We arrived back to base at 16:15 after dropping Mr Ken (LUCKY) M**t (G0HRR) with his oversized freight.

Again another successful trip for the jolly boys of H.A.D.A.R.S (G6UT)..

David (2E0DJD).


Posted on: Sun, June 15, 2014 by david thompson

Loaded up the vehicles at 9 ish at the club ready for the first field day of the year.

Light rain was falling but due to the work we where doing it matted not quite refreshing in fact.

Arrived at Aylmers farm as the rain stopped which gave way to sunshine coming from the heavens

The new gazebo went up in a flash it was time to erect the antennas.and less then an hour we were on the air.

With the Sun still shining the kettle was deployed and our temporary homes prepared for the night we were ready to rumble.

Temperature was heating up after another small shower (which may have been a god send after 20 hours being in the field HI HI).

The afternoon brought other club members to the camp it was time to get the bar-b-q on the go. Sid (G1SDK) did his Jamie Oliver impression and what fantastic food he produced.

Many contacts were made over the weekend on HF/2 Metres FM-USB/Morse code. Many folks brought up there own projects to test out in the field.

All in all a fantastic first field day of the year.

Many thanks to all the club members that transported the equipment to the venue. John (G1OSI) Colin (G0MGU) John (G7AZA) along with myself these events would not be possible.

Massive thank you to Sid (G1SDK) (Bar-B-Q Chef ) and John (G1OSI) Breakfast (Chef) for keeping to troops feed.

Thanks also to the happy campers Colin (G0MGU),Paul (M0PHO),John (G1OSI) we all stayed up to the small hours working the world. .


Posted on: Mon, June 9, 2014 by david thompson

Boarded the bus at 08:00 and we were off to the rally.

Weather was fantastic that day and it was a great turn out with many stalls to choose from.

No loo breaks required as it was a short trip HI HI.

Also no unnecessary pieces of hospital ware were purchased that day HI HI !.

Most people got what they wanted so all in all a fantastic rally.

David (2E0DJD).

Jamboree On the Air 2013

Posted on: Sun, October 20, 2013 by Mike Simkins

I would like to extend my thanks to the Club Members (Bob, Colin, Jon, Roger, and Terry) for their help over the weekend, particularly the 'Saturday Teams, who had a number of Scouting members / Parents present (Thanks also to the 21st Harlow who provided the vast majority of our visitors).


We had a number of contacts around Europe (Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, France), but things went slightly downhill after the Worked All Germany contest started at 1500 UTC, so, turning the beams westward, we managed to work a large club station in the US Virgin Islands, and almost everyone who wanted to speak (a few were a little shy), managed to speak to at least one other Scout Station.


Sunday still saw the Worked All Germany contest in full swing, which made it a little difficult to make contacts, however, we managed a contact with A60JOTA in the United Arab Emirates, and the icing on the cake (and the ODX) was a contact on 15 meters with VK5CE/P/4 who was operating a DXpedition from Red Island, on the very most northerly tip of Queensland, AUSTRALIA !!! (If you actually look on the map, it is just below Papua New Guinea)

The logbook will appear shortly at the GB5HDS Web Site


Posted on: Fri, September 6, 2013 by david thompson

At 9 ish Started the day at the barn collecting all the equipment to take to Aylmer Farm.

We where set up about 10.30 ish with the antennas up and the living quarters and radio tent ready to rumble.

73f promised that day and it didn't disappoint but the night was going to see the thermals deployed.

The HF and 2 metres was lively with lots of far flung places being contacted.

It was time to eat with sausages and burgers replacing the smell of COW SH#T and autumn fair in the country air.

The night brought the polar bears out as the hot humid day turned to north pole status. Due to the cold my silly o clock wake up call didn't happen I could not risk being eaten by the new wild life the night had brought into the camp.

Sunday morning started by someone leaving a fridge on over night to cool down his five a day and killing his battery flat. So the jump leads came out to bring the beast back to life. At least the cider was cool.

We had a full English after that to bring us all back to life and hit the airways for more Foley around the world. After the heat on Saturday if we did run out of gas for the cooker my head could have replaced the burner as by then my head was on fire as once again i had not covered the dome.

We finished bout 15.00ish and took the gear back to the shack. Another year at Aylmers completed and look forward to returning here in 2014.


Posted on: Sun, July 7, 2013 by david thompson

Today H.A.D.A.R.S went to matching green car show 7th July 2013.

We started @ 08.00 ish loading all the equipment from the shack and my thanks goes out to Colin (G0MGU) Jon (G7AZA) Roger (GOAWY) .

Got to the venue @ 08.50 ish and set up a fantastic display for the public to see what G6UT was all about. After a rocky start we were on air FANTASTIC!.

The temperature started to sore to 86F and my right ankle took a hit from all i can only describe as an elephant with wings!!! where once the blood was flowing and the creature had done its worst i bid the hairy monster (with wings) a fond farewell and with a few choice words and a helping hand (H I). I think it was a mozzy but as big as a block of flats (with wings). Now i walk with a limp...

Anyway back to the blog.

The burgers and cups of tea were being consumed as the marque went to 90F and the crowds strolled past and the sound of the classic motor cars roared in the arena.

The 2 metres USB/HF bands became alive and contacts were being made around the world and many people stopping to find out about the club and to pick up information from our display which @ times had become airborne due the the wind.

Mp Robert Halfon(MP for Harlow) and partner came calling and said hi to all with his sun burnt head.

When all the red faces were acquired from the blazing sun it was time to pack away and depart the show ground and go home for a well deserved shower.

It was another fantastic day out for the club and i like to thank all that attended.

David (2E0DJD).

Harlow Museum GB0HMD

Posted on: Sun, June 23, 2013 by Paul Honey

This weekend saw the club using the call, GB0HMD in order to take part in museums on the air.

For a change it wasn't a particularly early start with stuff being moved from the club shack to the museum gardens around 11:30. By the time I got there most of the equipment had been moved.

We managed a quite impressive portable set up with 2 rigs covering both HF and VHF. For HF we used Bob's (G0AGO) portable 10 metre fishing pole antenna and for VHF the clubs new co-linear.

The conditions weren't best for any distant contacts but both Bob and Colin (G0MGU) wee kept reasonably busy. Bob even managed a couple of contacts on the key. Of course others chipped in on the radios but Bob and Colin were at it most of the day.

The event itself was quite lively with bands, choirs and dancers but all in all it was a good day. The radio set up attracted some interest with most people drawn in by Bob and Colin's QSL card display. Of note was a lady who turned up and was a great niece of the late G3ERN who spent some time chatting with Colin. She is going to try to let us get a viewing of all of Ernie's QSL cards.

The set up was also visited by Robert Halfon mp and Harlow's Mayor. A good turn out by members was noted with attendees as: Terry G0BXL, Roger G0AWY, Alan M0TEC, Ken G0HRR, Paul M0PHO, with special thanks to David 2E0DJD for the work involved in arranging this, and to Colin G0MGU and Bob G0AGO for manning the station for most of the day. Next event Matching Car Rally


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